Viga Fairy Wooden Toy Kitchen With Sink Oven Stove & Accessories

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A kitchen toy set completes with sink, stove, oven and also a clock and storage space. Well-assorted accessories include one spoon, one spatula and two seasoning jars.

-A great kid-sized kitchen playset for kids to cook up some fun and prepare delicious meals for family or
-Turn the knob of seasoning jars with a "click" sound and feel the life-like operation.
-The clock with moving hands on the top of the set shows a certain amount of realism. With these clocks,
children can learn to tell the time.
-All the accessories are well assorted, the storing space is also big enough for kids to store their own food. It
is the perfect opportunity for your child to learn to be responsible for their own mess and cleaning up via

What's in the box
1 x kitchenette with stove and sink and various accessories

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