Viga Wooden Dollhouse With Dolls Furniture And Accessories.

Viga Toy'sSKU: AT3029

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This classic wooden Doll House is made of a quality natural wood frame with hand painted detail. The little windows and doors open and close. The open plan house can be arrange with the furniture in any way that the child wishes. It includes 24 pcs of furniture for a bedroom, bathroom, lounge, dining room and kitchen. A granny and grandpa set of dolls is also included. Some assembly is required and instructions are included. size: 425 x 400 x 265mm.
What's in the box
1 wooden dolls house with 2 dolls and 24 pieces of furniture. Dolls house to be assembled from 1 set of instructions, 1 hex key, 10 screws, 1 base panel, 1 rear panel, 1 front panel, 2 red roof panels, 1 vertical interior panel (with 2 edge beams), 1 roof beam.

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