Target Throwing Game (floor mat, bean bags not included)

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Helps develop hand-eye coordination. Made of heavy-duty PVC fabric, suitable for multi-players or individual play.
Take aim, take your shot, and pile on the points with the Target Mat.
The Target Mat is a great teaching resource for young children or an incredibly fun addition to any school's sporting supplies.

Colored bright yellow for maximum visibility, the target mat features four distinct sections with different values according to their proximity to the center of the target mat. These sections determine scoring results, depending on which of the circles the target that is thrown lands on.

The Target Mat can be used in combination with balls, shuttles, and bean bags for fun tossing games for children, which can help them improve their hand-eye coordination and dexterity skills. By engaging in scoring games, children can then involve addition and mathematics usage while playing and enjoying games in an outdoor or indoor environment.

This Target Mat is made of durable materials and folds away easily for space-efficient storage.

What's in the box
1 x Target Mat (Bean Bags not Included)

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