Stories from the Sea

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Perfect for bedtime reading, Stories from the Sea is a heartwarming storybook that introduces animals as endearing characters in their natural habitats, from seagrass forests to ice polar seas!

Meet an octopus with a mystery to solve, a seahorse who is worried he's not special, a shark who loves to show off, a penguin who must learn to share, a timid turtle and a very curious narwhal. Children will love the stories with their simple yet important messages.

  • Topical themes of the natural world
  • Contemporary illustration styles accompany entertaining original fiction
  • Illustrations by experienced children’s artists Mette Engell, Ela Smietanka, Spike Maguire, Elissambura, Jean Claude and Sophia Touliatou
  • Beautiful gift book with stunning cover effects

The stories are written by Catherine Veitch, a talented children's writer who loves introducing the wonders of nature to young children. The stories include Tia the Turtle, Nat the Narwhal, Scout the Shark, Olive the Octopus, Pippi the Penguin and Seb the Seahorse.

Reading with your child is a brilliant way of spending quality time together as well as developing their literacy skills. Over time, young children learn to recognise and comprehend words and sentences and, importantly, create special memories with their loved ones.

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