Soccer Ball Rubber Textured Grip - Size 5

Color: White & Blue Design
Sale priceR 239.00


- Incredibly sturdy rubber construction withstands extended play on any variety of field types: concrete, asphalt, grass, turf, indoor courts and more

- All-weather design for increased durability means endless soccer play outdoors and indoors.

This ball is designed with butyl bladders and lets you save ten minutes inflating the ball. This material of the ball lets you play on grassy as well as hard surfaces without having to worry about the ball getting deflated. This ball comes with a crater design. This gives the ball a good grip. The extra grip makes the ball easily playable

SIZE 5: Ages 10 and older.

NB: Ball sold deflated to prevent damage, use a proper ball pump with a needle to inflate to correct pressure and always moisten the needle before inserting it in the valve.

What's in the box
1 x Rubber soccer ball

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