Shape Bean Bags (12 Piece) (12-19cm in size) (Polybag)

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Excellent resource for developing gross motor-skills, hand-eye co-ordination and colour recognition. Bright and colourful bean bag shapes: circle, rectangle, square and triangle. For a variety of ages, bean bags are an essential part of a number of physical education tasks, and whether used in the classroom or in the gymnasium environment can be fun for sports, rainy day activities or for team games or counting challenges. A lot of the time, bean bags can be used in combination with hula hoops, where the hoops lend themselves well to being a ground target for the bean bags.

Bean bags are used for a number of fun challenges and participation games. As a result they can be used for throwing, catching and counting activities. An essential part of any physical education kit. The soft nature of the bags makes them easier to use inside with less risk to property. Also the bags stay where they are thrown. They essentially collapse in the location where they are thrown. Not rolling away or bouncing like a ball would. Ages 3+ years.

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12 x Shaped bean bags

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