VINEX Ring Toss Game

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Children can develop their gross motor skills by throwing the foam rings onto the each of the targets with this fun foam ring toss game. This is great for multiple children to play together and helps develop their hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills in a fun and active way.

This game has 5 poles or targets for the children to aim for and many rings to choose from. There are a number of different games the children can play such as trying to hit any of the targets or for a more challenging game, aiming for the same coloured target as the rings they are using. The targets can be placed at different lengths depending on the children’s abilities and children can work together in teams helping to build their social skills and teamwork.

This game comes in bright colours to engage the children and help them easily identify the rings and the poles they are aiming at. All the pieces are made from foam making them safe for the small children to play with and this will help withstand the general wear and tear the children throw at them.

Ages 3+ years.

What's in the box
6 x Rings, 5x Sticks
2 x bases with numbers

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