PVC Stitched Soccer Ball (Size 4) Red & White

Missing Link EducationSKU: At8002a1red

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-This training soccer ball is an economy ball well suited to regular use and team training

-Size 3 stitched design

-Easily pumped up with a hand pump to increase its firmness and bounce

-Ideal for children aged 9 - 13 years (safe for children 3+ years)

-Ball is not inflated.


-Kids will enjoy playing with the soccer ball further developing their gross motor skills and coordination.

-A fun way to learn new skills individually, in pairs, or as a group.

-Teachers can tailor the lesson skills to suit the targeted age group, practising dribbling, kicking, and scoring.

-An excellent resource for encouraging active play and interaction in children.

What's in the box
1 x Soccer Ball

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