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Role Play Supermarket Toy Set for Kids

The Supermarket Set is a delightful and educational toy designed to mimic the experience of shopping in a supermarket. This role-playing set enables children to take on the roles of both shoppers and storekeepers, encouraging imaginative play and learning through fun interactions.

Here are some features and items you will find in the Supermarket Set:

Toy Shopping Carts or Baskets: baskets for the kids to use as they "shop" for groceries.

Play Food Items: Assorted play food items such as fruits, vegetables, snacks, and other grocery products. These items are usually made of plastic and come in various shapes and sizes.
Shelves and Display Stand: Miniature shelves and a display stand to organize the play food items in the supermarket setup.

Play Scale: A toy scale to weigh the fruits and vegetables before "selling" them.

The Polesie Mini Supermarket Set provides a fantastic opportunity for children to develop essential skills, such as social interaction, communication, and basic math concepts (e.g., counting, addition, and subtraction) while engaging in imaginative play. They can take on various roles, learn about money, and practice cooperation as they play with friends or family members.

The set is perfect for encouraging creativity and fostering a deeper understanding of the world around them, as children mimic real-life experiences they might have with their parents during trips to the supermarket. Additionally, playing with the Mini Supermarket Set can teach children about healthy eating, various food items, and the process of buying and selling playfully and enjoyably.
Dimensions: 435 130 487mm

What's in the box
12 x Fruits
1 x Weighing Scale
1 x Super Market Stand
1 x Milk Carton
1 x Sugar Carton
1 x Price List
1 x price list
2 x Baskets

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