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Girls Milena Vanity Role Play Set

This miniature vanity playset is designed for children to engage in imaginative role-playing related to beauty and personal grooming. Just like other vanity mini sets, it includes various pretend makeup and beauty accessories suitable for kids. (make up is not real)

The Mini Set encourages creativity, role-play, and self-expression. Children can use their imagination to transform themselves or their toys into different characters or explore the world of beauty and fashion. It can be a fun and safe way for kids to learn about personal grooming and practice social skills by engaging in beauty-related activities with their friends or family members

Dimensions: 453 363 132mm

What's in the box
1 x Mirror
1 x Hair Brush
1 x Comb
1 x Toy Lipstick
1 x Toy Hair dryer
1 x Necklace
1 x Toy Perfume bottle
1 x Toy Foundation
1 x Toy Eye shadow

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