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Supermarket Play Set

The Tabletop Supermarket is a small counter top Supermarket with a scale, groceries and baskets for shopping.

Fruits and vegetables are sold in the supermarket. The set will appeal to both boys and girls because all children love to play "shopping in the store". A game with a thematic set contributes to developing imagination, communication skills, teamwork, and financial literacy.

These types of playsets are popular among children as they allow them to engage in imaginative play, role-playing, and pretend-shopping scenarios.

The set includes:

Orange -2 pc
Lemon - 2 pc
Tomato - 2 pc
Onion - 2 pc
Apple - 2 pc
Pepper - 2 pc
Boxes that imitate the packaging of milk and sugar. Two shoppig baskets.

Dimensions: 405 365 120mm

What's in the box
1 x Milk Carton
1 x Sugar Box
2 x Oranges
2 x Lemons
2 tomatoes
2 x Onions
2 x Apples
2 x Pepper

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