Polesie Shape Sorting Police Truck

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Shape-sorting toys are designed to help young children develop their shape recognition and fine motor skills. These toys come in different shapes that fit through corresponding holes on the toy truck. Children can match the shapes with the holes and learn to differentiate between various shapes.
In the back of the truck, there is a logical task: 6 holes-puzzles of different geometric shapes, for which the child needs to choose the appropriate shapes. The child will stick stickers with pictures on the figures. The child can easily get the figures out of the truck by pulling the hole near the cabin. There is a recess under the body cover, so the child will be able to transport not only the figures from the kit but also other small toys . The toy develops spatial thinking, imagination, logic, and fine motor skills in the child's hands.

What's in the box
1 x Sorting Truck
6 x Shapes

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