Polesie Shape Sorter Tipper Truck

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Shape and Sorting toys are excellent educational tools for young children as they provide various cognitive and developmental benefits. Here are some advantages of the Polesie Shape-and-sort Tipper Truck.

Shape Recognition: The toy come with different shapes that children can fit into corresponding holes on the tipper. This activity helps children learn to recognize and differentiate between various shapes.

Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating and fitting the shapes into the tippers holes require precise hand-eye coordination, which helps develop fine motor skills.

Problem-Solving Skills: Sorting the shapes and figuring out which hole each shape fits into encourages problem-solving and critical thinking.

Colour Recognition: The shapes on the tipper truck come in different colours, helping children with colour recognition.

Language Development: Parents or caregivers can engage in conversations with children about the shapes, colours, and sorting process, contributing to language development.

Creativity and Imagination: While playing with the tipper, children can engage in imaginative play, creating stories and scenarios involving the bus and its shapes.

Basic Math Concepts: The sorting activity involves categorizing shapes, which introduces basic math concepts like classification and organization.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Handling the shapes and fitting them into the tipper's holes improves hand-eye coordination.

Patience and Persistence: Sorting and fitting the shapes may require some trial and error, teaching children patience and perseverance.

Parent-Child Interaction: Playing with the shape-and-sort tipper can be a bonding activity for parents or caregivers and children, offering opportunities for learning and fun together.

Dimensions: 247 152 167mm


What's in the box
  • 1 x Shape Sorting Tipper
  • 6 x Shapes

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