Polesie Sand Play Builders Construction Set 3 Piece - Brick, Trowel, Float

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The SandTastic Set: Trowel, Float, Brick Shape is a set of three toy tools designed for children to use in a sandbox or at the beach. The set includes a trowel, float, and brick-shaped mold, all made of durable plastic materials. The trowel can be used to dig and move sand, while the float can be used to smooth and shape sandcastles or other structures. The brick-shaped mold can be used to create small sand bricks that can be used in building sandcastles or other structures. The set is a great way for children to engage in imaginative play, learn about construction tools, and develop their fine motor skills. It can be used in a sandbox, at the beach, or in other outdoor settings for added fun.

Dimensions: 273 138 153mm

What's in the box
1 x Brick
1 x Trowel
1 x Float

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