Polesie Doctor Playset In Carry Case

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Doctors Role Play Set With Accessories

The Polesie Doctor Role Play Set is a toy designed to encourage imaginative and creative play, allowing children to pretend they are doctors, nurses, or medical professionals. It includes various toy medical instruments and accessories to enhance the role-playing experience.

Let's explore some items you will find in this Doctor Role Play Set:

Stethoscope: A toy stethoscope that allows kids to listen to their "patients'" heartbeats and breathing.

Syringe: A toy syringe for administering pretend vaccinations or medicine.

Pretend Medicines and Bottles: Small bottles with fake medicine labels to make the role play more realistic.

Scissors: Child-safe plastic scissors for "surgery" or to remove "splinters."

Medical Carry case: A mini carry case for carrying medication and tools around

Bed Pan: for patients

Reflex Hammer: a medical tool for patience

Dimensions: 220 85 190mm

What's in the box
2 x Carry Cases
2 x Medicine Bottle
1 x Spectacles
1 x Bed Pan
1 x Syringe
1 x Scissors
1 x Stethoscope
1 x Reflex Hammer
1 x Magnifying Glass

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