Polesie Bu-Bu Toy Kitchen Playset

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The Polesie Bu-Bu Toy Kitchen Playset helps children learn about the world around them, master social roles, get used to responsibility, and have fun using their imagination.

Everything for successful cooking is provided on a comfortable white table: a stove with turning handles for creating culinary masterpieces, a sink for bringing crystal cleanliness, and a set of dishes. Special black shelves are conveniently located for storing dishes.

An oven is provided in the kitchen so that you can cook play chicken or bake potatoes. In order not to miss the time for preparing dinner, in the upper part of the unit there is an image of a colourful clock with multi-colored hands. The set also includes a saucepan with a lid, a plate, a knife, a spoon, and a fork.

Dimensions: 435 130 487mm

What's in the box
The set includes a
1 x pot with a lid
1 x plate
1 x knife
1 x spoon
1 x fork

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