SUNTA Antibacterial EVA Foam Puzzle Numbers Baby Play mat - Pink

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This is a new series of mats with Japanese Anti-Bacterial Technology.

The activation of the antibacterial activity requires the user to rinse the mat with clean water in order to release the silver ion in the mat. This will activate the antibacterial function and inhibit the growth of the bacterial on the mat.

The lab has put the bacteria/germs on the mat. With the anti-bacterial technology, the bacteria/germs will not be able to grow on the mat. Since the bacteria/germ are not able to grow, it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria/germs effectively.

Because of the global spread of the COVID-19, the importance of personal hygiene has come to the forefront. Nowadays, parents are looking into this matter seriously. Besides the good practice of personal hygiene, the mat with antibacterial properties, which you can place in your children's play area, will be your best choice.

Therefore, you are creating a safe and protected playing area for your children.

Keep your children away from germs & bacteria with just a simple step. Rinse the mat and you will activate the antibacterial function. Assemble and disassemble easily.

What's in the box
9 x Interlocking Foam Puzzles Pieces

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