My First Toy Ukulele 21'' Natural

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This beautifully designed kids' ukulele is an ideal choice for parents looking for visually striking and great-sounding instruments for their little one without the hefty fee.

Perfect for those who are beginners or being introduced to the world of musical instruments. This kids-sized ukulele boasts a warm, mellowed tone and has a solid, high-quality feel when held.

The ukulele is a great instrument to learn and play, and because it only has four strings, it is nice and easy to master, helping kids start their musical journey. From home to schools, to youth clubs.

High Quality:
- This ukulele has a wood body, bridge, neck, and fingerboard. The tuning pegs offer smooth, accurate tuning. All the materials are safe and non-toxic to ensure your children’s safety.

Educational Musical Toys:
- Inspire your child’s musical creativity and explore various sounds with this ukulele. It’s a perfect gift choice for your child.

Suitable Size:
- The perfect size?21? for the youngest musicians.
- With plastic picks ideal for song accompaniment and modern playing techniques.

What's in the box
1 x My First Toy Ukulele (Natural) 21 inch

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