My First Soccer Book

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Learn how to run circles around all of your friends with this easy-to-use guide to football.
If you love to play football, at school or with your friends, then My First Soccer Book is for you. From warm-ups and starting-positions, to sports etiquette, the pitch and your kit, the Get Started chapter runs through all of the basics about how to play the game. Then it is time to practice your skills! Pass, dribble, shoot, tackle, volley and head the ball into the goal with the Soccer Skills chapter. You will also learn how to execute the perfect corner, throw-in, penalty and much more. Finally, out-smart all of your friends and family with the Tactics chapter. You will learn how to defend and attack with ease, giving you that extra edge when you're playing a game! Along with rules, tips and tactics, My First Soccer Book also contains drills for you to try out so that you can practice your new, awesome soccer skills.

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