Musical Set Deluxe 68 Piece - Version 10

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Our product is made of safe and reliable materials, making sure it's healthy for young children ages 3 and up.

High quality construction, smooth and safe finish that's built to last for a long time of play and fun. Perfect size for preschool and early elementary children in groups or individual play.

In the box, there are a wide variety of instruments that provide a wide range of beautiful sounds. Colourful kids musical instruments gift, attractive to kids. Great for kids' creativity development.

All the instruments in the box are of small size for children to shake, beat, tap, play the little band and have fun with each other.

A great musical instrument set for preschool kids, children, toddlers, use them at home or in the classroom! Recommend for young children ages 3 and up. Suitable for ages 3+

What's in the box
1 x Pair Wooden Maracas
3 x Pairs Plastic Maracas
6 x Pairs Wrist Bells
1 x 6" Triangle with Stick
2 x 4" Triangles with Stick
1 x 8" Triangle with Stick
1 x Flute
1 x Pair Plastic Egg Shakers
1 x Pair Wooden Egg Shakers
1 x Plastic Tambourine
2 x 6 Bell Rhythm Clapper
1 x Xylophone with Pair of Sticks
1 x Glockenspiels with Pair of Mallets
1 x Handle Bell with 5 Bells
1 x Handle Bell with 7 Bells
1 x Pair of Wrist Bells
1 x Metal Shaker
1 x Chimes with Stick
3 x Pairs Percussion Wooden Claves
1 x 8" Wooden Crow Sounder with Stick
1 x 5" Wooden Block with Beater
1 x 6" Wooden Block with Beater
1 x Jingle Stick
1 x 6" Wooden Tambourine
1 x 8" Tambourine
1 x 10.5" Tunable Tambourine Drum
1 x Pair Castanets
1 x Harmonica
Packed in Plastic Container

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