Measuring Cups Set - 5 Cups

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Upgrade your kitchen with our Measuring Cup 5 PC Multi Coloured Set! Made from high-quality, BPA-free materials, this set includes five measuring cups in varying sizes and colours, making it perfect for any recipe. The vibrant colours not only add a fun touch to your kitchen but also make it easy to quickly identify the right size. The convenient stackable design saves storage space and makes it easy to grab the right cup when needed. Say goodbye to guessing measurements and hello to seamless cooking and baking with our Measuring Cup 5 PC Multi-Coloured Set

Iincludes 29.5ml or 1/8 cup, 59ml or 1/4 cup, 79ml or 1/3 cup, 118ml or 1/2 cup, 236ml or 1 cup, 5pcs.

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Measuring Cups Set - 5 Cups

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