Kids Storage Organiser for Toys and More - 6 Bins with Counter Top

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Storage organiser with countertop - 6 bins


Our 6-bin toy storage unit provides your child with the opportunity to neatly store their books, toys, games, even snacks and much more. This trendy organiser shelf contains 2 shelving tiers to stash their belongings, in a vibrant array of colourful storage bins with a strong, durable stand. The storage bins can be arranged, removed and restacked in any order that your child desires. The unit has a shelf at the top, for stacking and packing toys or anything else. This shelf is also a base plate that can be used to build all kinds of creative structures using plastic building blocks.

Organisation and storage-management are important for your child, a skill that needs to be specifically modelled from an early age. Organisation is an important aspect in your child's play, language, social interaction, personal management and academic task performance. Aside from teaching your child sequencing and planning skills, having a spot to store books and toys is essential for every child's room.

There are no limitations with this toy organiser. Parents can define the play area and establish clean-up rules, all while reducing stress and clutter in the house. The multi-coloured bins are perfect for categorizing and grouping similar contents.

Allow your child's room to shine, a smart and innovative way, with our colourful and exciting 6-bin toy storage unit.

Size: 68(L) x 34(W) x 49(H)cm
Each medium bin size: 29.5(w)x20.3(l)x13.4(h)cm


What's in the box
  • 1 x Storage Rack
  • 6 x Medium Coloured Bins
  • 1 x countertop

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