Kids Basketball Hoop Transparent Backboard & Inflatable PVC Basketball

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This Basketball Hoop is perfect for any kiddo who dreams of shooting hoops like a pro! With its colorful, transparent backboard and inflatable PVC basketball, your little one can take their game to the next level! Time to practice those dribbles and jump shots! 🏀

Basketball board size: 45 x 30cm, basketball hoop diameter: 22cm, basketball diameter: 15cm
Weight: 1.64kg
Backboard material: PVC transparent board
PVC transparent board has high strength, good toughness and elasticity
The basketball hoop is equipped with a spring, it will automatically spring back to the original position, and the balance can be restored after pressing
Used to hang behind the door, closet, table and other scenes, easy to install

What's in the box
1 x Basketball backboard with ball frame
1 x Basketball
1 x Pump

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