Galaxy Tracker 60 Power Smart Telescope

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Galaxy Tracker 60 Power has a Smart Phone Adaptor. Eyepieces 16.6mm and 8.3mm. Comes with Intelligent Star Tracking System. A tripod is Aluminium and 39cm tall. Capture using a smartphone and video using a smartphone. Power: 30/60. Recommended age: 8 & up

Technical specifications:
-Objective Diameter: 50mm
-Focal Length 500mm
-Eyepleces :16.6mm, 8.3mm
-Tripod : 39cm (15.3 Inches)
-Accessories : Smartphone Adapter
-Diagonal Mirror

Dimensions: 72.4 x 10.4 x 22.6cm

What's in the box
1 x Tripod : 39cm (15.3 Inches)
1 x Eyeplece 16.6mm
1 x Eyeplece 8.3mm
1 x Diagonal Mirror
1 x Accessories : Smartphone Adapter

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