Fruit Bean Bags Set (12 Piece)

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Bean Bags offer many areas of learning and play opportunities. Great for developing gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. A set of 12 bean bags with different types of fruit.
The name of each type of fruit is printed onto one side of the bean bag and each one is a different colour.
Ideal for classroom and playground activities, which aim to help children learn the basic types of fruits. Bean bags are used for a number of fun challenges and participation games. They can be used for throwing, catching and counting activities. An essential part of any physical education kit, the soft nature of the bags makes them easier to use inside with less risk to property. Also, the bags stay where they are thrown as they essentially collapse in the location where they are thrown, not rolling away or bouncing like a ball would.

What's in the box
12 x Printed Bean Bags

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