Foot Print Floor Markers (6 Piece)

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Perfect for school, gym classes, recreation centers and so much more; these pairs of colourful foot markers won't lead you astray! Whether you're marking off a path or teaching new dance moves, these fun foot markers reinforce basic skills in young children such as: recognizing color, shape, direction-all while combining with movement and exercise. Each of the shapes is made of durable malleable material, and will rest flat on the floor. Children can use the feet as stepping stones, or follow the path set out by the teacher with the rubber plates.

The size and the density of the protruding dots are designed with the consideration of nerve locations in mind. The surface is covered with bumps, which can stimulate both the hands and the feet.
This feet set is an essential addition to any motor skills development program. The markers have been engineered specifically for use with young children as they work on enhancing early learning skills. The different paths and challenges that can be set up will provide a variety of different activities using the same set.

This set is recommended for use by ages 3 years and up.

What's in the box
6 x Coloured foot print shapes

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