First Things I Can Do: Going to School

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First Things I Can Do: Going to School takes your preschooler aged 4+ through the story of their first school day, from getting ready to what they might find around the school.

  • Bright, simple, clearly labelled illustrations on every spread

  • Activity panels and charming characters encourage learning and interactivity

  • Includes a giant Numbers wall poster

  • Consulted by teachers, parents and an inclusivity specialist to give a modern, approach

In the weeks before your child starts school, it's great to start introducing them to what they might experience when they get there, from a peg with their name on it to what ideas they may learn about and the adults they may meet. Starting school can feel like a big thing, for both parents and children, and First Things I Can Do: Going to School has been thoughtfully written to explain anything and everything, so the experience isn't as overwhelming and unknown. And as a parent, it gives you a chance to be part of this big step in your child's life, and may even open conversations when they come home from school and can't usually remember what they've done!

The lovely wall poster shows the numbers one to ten, with charming illustrations, which is one of the key areas your child will cover in the first weeks of reception. You can now give your child a headstart and help them recognise the numbers, and count from 1–10.

Author Catherine Veitch is an experienced children's book author. She trained to be a teacher initially, and loved to find creative ways to help children learn, which transferred perfectly into making wonderful books for children.

Allie Busby is a talented children's illustrator who brings a charm and energy to her characters, which worked so well when representing all the different types of children, adults and experiences you might find when starting school.

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