Fireman Costume With Helmet, Torch & Accessories

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This fire fighter costume set comes with fireman waistcoat, hard hat and lots of toy fire tools such as, walkie-talkie, flashlight, badge and so on. Set includes with everything a child needs to look the part, plus exciting accessories to spur imaginative play. Great for imaginative role-play, pretend play, costume, or theater use.

Kids role-play costume kit will help kids get to recognize fire fighting supplies. The fireman costume is in bright red trimmed with real reflective stripes. Children wear it comfortably for the fabric is breathable and the stitching is quality. The waistcoat will fit your little boys or girls well or with some room to grow into it without looking oversized.

What's in the box
1 x Fireman outfit
1 x Helmet
1 x Play torch
1 x Play axe
1 x Play walkie talkie
1 x Badge

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