Elementary Shot Put - Athletics Equipment for Kids

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An ideal shot put for schools and children at home for an introduction to the sport.

When shot putting:
Hold the shot put at the base of your fingers (not on the palm) with three fingers behind and the thumb and small finger to each side of the shot
Use a balanced ready-stance. (Avoid placing your front foot hard up against the stop-board. This will make it difficult for you to turn your front foot)
Hold the shot put touching or close to the neck with your throwing elbow lifted away from your body
Point your non-throwing arm in the direction of the throw or “wrap” your arm around your body
Swing your feet, hips, chest and shoulders to the front as you move your weight from your back to your front foot
Stand tall as you push the shot away from your neck in a strong
“punching action – Watch the shot go

What's in the box
1 x Shot Put Ball

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