Egg Shakers - Music Instrument (Pair)

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"Egg shakers are an essential in percussion. They are easy for children to hold and play. Children can keep a rhythm by shaking the egg shaker either side to side or up and down. Children can also make a whirling sound by making circular motions with the egg shaker. Playing egg shakers encourages creativity also being able to confidently playing along with a song. Listening to its rhythm and following along. Egg shakers are also great for fine motor skills and learning to keep a steady beat. Children can also play a egg hunt anytime of the year. Egg shakers can be played with or both hands. Children can keep the rhythm going while other children play their instruments. This is also great for learning pauses when the music calls for silence. This generates a lovely way for children to keep their concentration on the music. Egg shakers are a must have for all classrooms. Ergonomically shaped for childrens hand. Ages 3+ years

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2 x Egg shakers"

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