Dollsworld Baby Dribbles Drink and Wet Doll 30cm (12")

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Introducing the Dollsworld Baby Dribbles, a bundle of joy standing at 30cm (12") tall, ready to steal your heart! This charming companion is more than just a doll - she's a cherished playmate, perfect for nurturing playtime adventures.

Dressed in a precious pink gown, Baby Dribbles is the epitome of sweetness. With a heartwarming smile and twinkling eyes, she's ready to embark on imaginative journeys with your little one.

Equipped with all the essentials for tender caretaking, this set includes a soft and snug nappy, ensuring Baby Dribbles stays comfortable throughout the day. When nature calls, the included potty provides a lifelike experience for your child to learn and play.

For soothing moments, the pacifier provides comfort and reassurance, allowing Baby Dribbles to peacefully rest. And when it's time for a little nourishment, the feeding bottle is at the ready, ensuring she's well taken care of.

With Baby Dribbles by their side, your child will be immersed in a world of nurturing play, fostering empathy and creativity. The Dollsworld Baby Dribbles is more than a doll - she's a cherished companion, a source of comfort, and a spark for boundless imagination.

Bring home Baby Dribbles today and let the heartwarming adventures begin!

What's in the box :
1 x Baby Doll
1 x Potty
1 x Pacifier
1 x Bottle
1 x Gown Outfit
1 x Nappy

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