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‘Phonic Fun’ is an educational Board Game to review and practice important word skills such as indicating the beginning sound of a word, the middle sound of a word and the ending sound of a word. Word skills are important and valuable tool for children to become successful and independent learners. The game will help children to improve spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of new words. The game comprises a play board and 48 play cards. They roll the dice and land on one of the word spaces on the play board e.g. “Begin with”, the child is required to pick up a card for corresponding space, read and answer the question given on it such as “Name two words that begin with ‘d’ sound”. This way the game, help children in developing their vocabulary, phonic awareness and reading skills.

  • Ages : 4 & Up
  • Skills Developed:
  • Identify Beginning Sounds
  • Find Medial short Vowel sounds
  • Identify Ending Sounds
  • Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Language Development

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