Creatives Little Learners Pack Part-3

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“Little Learner's Pack Part 3” is a ‘5 in One’ pack featuring age-appropriate and child-friendly educational games and puzzles.

In the pack you will find; 1. “Animal Families & their Homes” to learn about different animals, their babies and homes. 2. “Rhyming Words” to develop language skills by matching the puzzles of rhyming words. 3. “What’s Different?” to develop children’s skills of visual discrimination and observation by finding the difference between two pictures. 4. “Story Telling” to develop comprehensive skills in children by observing each card of the story, finding the spatial relationship between them and then narrating the story on their own. 5. “5 Jigsaw Puzzles” to develop eye-hand coordination, problem-solving and gross motor skills.

The pack also contains one comprehensive ‘Activity Guide’ with suggested activities and games to reinforce and strengthen the above concepts.

What's in the box
63 x animals families and their homes cards
42 x rhyming words
12 x storytelling cards
34 x what different cards
5 x jigsaw puzzles
1 x activity guide

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