Creatives - Fun With Sizes (16 Sets Of 3Pc Self-Correcting Puzzles)

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Fun with Sizes contains 16 sets of 3 piece self-correcting Puzzles, 3 Play Boards, 21 Item Cards and an Activity Guide. Using the 16 sets of 3 piece self-correcting puzzles, the child is required to match different objects according to their sizes; small, medium and large and also plays the memory game. To reinforce the concept of sizes and the children will play The Three Bears Game comprises 3 Play Boards and 21 Item Cards. The three play boards represents the three different sizes; small, medium and large. The players thus recognise, sort and place different clothing on the play board of the respective sizes. The activity guide has many activities that can be done using these links to help children to learn about concept of sizes and ability to sort and much more. In this game children
  • Ages  3 & Up
  • Skills Developed:
  • Ability to Sort
  • Concept of Size
  • Understand Concept
  • Memory Recall
  • Problem Solving
  • Receptive Vocabulary
  • Expressive Vocabulary
  • Asking Question And Talking
  • Observation
  • Visual Perception

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