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"Division Flash Cards" is a Sure and Effective Way to learn and practice Addition Facts up to 20. There are 40 on both sides printed, divided into 2 levels, large Flash Cards. Each card has two sums printed in big and bold type and their answers on the back. Children first practice with Level 1 (sums up to 10) cards and then with Level 2 ( up to 20) Cards. To reinforce their understanding and test knowledge of addiction they also play group games. This way the child learns in the most interactive and enjoyable way.

Ages: 8 & Up
Product Code: 0368

Skills Developed:
Self–Checking System
Teacher-created and child-tested
Large, thick and durable cards
Large cards ensure an easy grasp for the young learner
Sums are printed in large and bold type

What's in the box
40 x Flash Cards

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