Creatives - Roll And Spell Game (learn to read and spell over 200 words)

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‘Roll & spell’ is a set of set of 3 CVC Board games and 7 cards game that has been designed to practice and reinforce CVC words. These are words that follow the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern and are considered the simplest and important words and the starting point of early phonics program. The CVC board games can be used to review and master CVC vocabulary and spelling as well as teaching other word skills such as ‘begins with’ and ‘ends in’ etc. Using the game boards; Beginning Sounds, Medial Sounds, Ending Sounds, the child will roll the dice and complete the word with beginning, medial or ending sound letter and spell it. With the help of 60 Flash Cards children play 3 Reading games and 4 Matching games like Memory, Snap, Fish etc. This way the child will improve his/her vocabulary and develop language skills while learning CVC words.

  • Ages : 5 & Up
  • Skills Developed:
  • Understanding of CVC words
  • Sound Discrimination
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Vocabulary
  • Understanding of picture words

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