Creatives - Be Healthy (Encourages Children To Follow Healthy Habits And Personal Hygiene In Their Routines)

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Be Healthy Be Wealthy is an innovative game to help your child to understand and follow personal hygiene in their daily routine in a playful manner. The game comprises the play board that has the pictorial representation of these habits, making the learning an enjoyable and practical task. Children needs to understand the importance of hand washing, bathing, keeping short nails, toilet habits and oral hygiene like brushing teeth twice a day, cleaning the tongue, use of tissue paper for sneezing/coughing etc. While moving through the colourful Play Board, children also learn about healthy eating and sleeping habits such as preferring vegetables over junk food, sleeping and getting up on time etc. This makes children also realize that following these habits and rules will not help in their personal hygiene but also in preventing germs from spreading.

  • Ages : 3 & Up
  • Skills Developed:
  • Knowledge about Personal Hygiene
  • Habit of Healthy Eating
  • Visual Perception
  • Logical Thinking

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