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“Alphabet Fun 3 in One Pack” is a fun and sure way to recognise and learn letters of the Alphabet both capital and small, sounds they make and associate them with the picture words that begin with same sound. The game consists of 26 two piece self correcting match-ups.

  • Using them, the child will pick up each letter card, name and say its sound and match it with its corresponding ‘Picture Card’.
  • While playing “Alphabet Race” Board Game children will compete to reach ‘Finish’ space by recognizing small letters and matching them with their corresponding pictures.
  • Similarly, they will recognise and name capital letters and their corresponding pictures on “Alphabet Kites” board game to score more and more points.
  • Ages : 3 & Up
  • Skills Developed :
  • Letter Recognition and their Sounds
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Observation
  • Pre Reading Skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Problem Solving

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