Creatives - Action Words (An easy and fun introduction to Verbs) - 24 Match Up Cards and Poster

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“Action Words 2 in 1 pack” contains 24 self-correcting match ups (48 large pieces) and an Activity Guide, where each set of match-up has a picture card and a word card. In this game, child develops his/her verbal expression, communication skills and understanding of correct usage of verbs by matching picture cards which show some simple action with the correct corresponding word card(verb). It also contains a poster to reinforce the concept of verbs and colour the objects. Children enhance their colouring skills, visual discrimination skills by seeing and writing the Action Words in the given spaces.

  • Ages :Â 4 & Up
  • Skills Developed:
  • Observation
  • Visual discrimination
  • Identify and correctly use Verbs
  • Vocabulary
  • Problem Solving

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