Balancing Stilts

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These plastic stilts are made of strong plastic and have a broadened edge for extra stability at the base, as this creates a wider surface area at the bottom of the stilts. They are are supplied in assorted colours including red, yellow and blue. Stilts are designed to allow a person to stand at a taller height above the ground. The child gets the feeling of being taller as they are high off the ground, and has to engage their gross motor skills as they walk on the raised platforms and also coordinate the timing between lifting their leg with the stilt below it while keeping pressure on the handle with ropes at the same time so the stilts dont separate from the foot. Stilts have been a staple component of outdoor play and gross motor activities for many years and are always popular with children. It is recommended that footwear is worn when wearing the stilts. The recommended age rating for these stilts is for children 3 and over. Foot hold measures at 10cm in diameter and height is 12.5cm. Length of rope is 67cm.

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1x Pair Plastic Balancing stilts

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