9" Big African Tuneable Drum - Music Instrument

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Teaches Rhythm: It's a fun And educational toy, perfect for teaching young children rhythm and musical patterns. This hand drum can be used in a variety of ways, you are not limited to just using your hands. You can use the mallet to create a different sound. Either by holding your mallet tightly or held loose in your hand creates ways for children to experiment with sound and techniques.
Playing the hand drum within a group gives the child a sense of belonging. Children learn to keep beats by counting. Learn to stop and create space for other people to play their parts. Children learn to be part of a team to create music and hopefully share ideas of what they can play together. The hand drum can also be used in story time to make walking sounds or heart beat sounds. Anything with a beat can be made on this great hand drum.

What's in the box
1 x 9" drum

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