30 Power 40mm Astronomical Telescope with Tripod

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This Astronomical Telescope with tripod has 30 Power 40mm Objective Diameter, and 250mm focal length. Power is 30X. Exclusive authorised upgraded version of "Star Walk 2" included. Recommended age: 8 & up

Technical Specifications:
-Objective Diameter: 40mm (1.58")
-Focal Length : 250mm
-Focal Length of Eyepiece : 8.3mm
Tripod: 30cm

Dimensions: 15.5x 3.0x 5.50cm

What's in the box
1 x Tripod : 38cm x 9.9 x 19.05
1 x Eyepieces : 16.6mm
1 x Eyepieces : 4mm
1 x Accessories : Diagonal Mirror

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