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Girls Vanity Role Play Set

The Vanity Mini Set is a charming toy designed to let children engage in imaginative play centred around vanity and beauty activities. This role-playing set typically includes various accessories that mimic a vanity area where kids can pretend to get ready, style their hair, and apply makeup.

Here are some items you find in the Vanity Mini Set:

Pretend Vanity Table: A small vanity table or mirror stand with pretend lights stickers where children can sit and play with their beauty accessories.

Pretend Makeup Items: Play makeup items such as toy lipstick, pretend blush, and toy eye shadow palettes. These are usually made from child-safe materials like plastic. (make up is not real)

Toy Hair Accessories: Hairbrush, toy hairdryer and comb
Pretend Perfume Bottles: Miniature bottles with pretend fragrances for children to "spray" on themselves.

. Pretend Jewelry: Play necklace that children can wear for an added touch of glamour.

The Polesie Vanity Mini Set encourages creativity, role-play, and self-expression. Children can use their imagination to transform themselves or their toys into different characters or explore the world of beauty and fashion. It can be a fun and safe way for kids to learn about personal grooming and practice social skills by engaging in beauty-related activities with their friends or family members.

As with any toy, it's essential to ensure that the set is age-appropriate and made from non-toxic materials. Additionally, parental supervision is always recommended, especially when young children are playing with small accessories. With proper guidance, the Polesie Vanity Mini Set can provide hours of entertainment and playfully support a child's exploration of the world of vanity and style.
Dimensions: 435 130 487mm

What's in the box
1 x Dressing Stand with built-in pretend mirror
1 x Hair Brush
1 x Comb
1 x toy cream bottle
1 x toy Lipstick
1 x toy Hair dryer
1 x Necklace
1 x toy Perfume
1 x toy Foundation
1 x toy Eye shadow

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