Polesie Toy Cooking Pot and Tea Set on Tray

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This set can be played with by 4 children on playdates or by a child playing along with their dolls and teddy bears.
The set develops hand motor skills, imagination, thinking, and communication skills.

The child learns to use cutlery and other kitchen utensils. The set can be used both indoors and outdoors in the sandbox. All elements are made of high-quality and safe plastic in bright colours.

Is a role-playing toy set designed to mimic a tea set for four people. These types of playsets are popular among children as they allow them to engage in imaginative play, pretend cooking and serving scenarios, and have fun with role-playing activities.

The set includes toy plates, cups, saucers, utensils, tea pot, salt and pepper shakers, cutlery, and other accessories like a tray to carry and serve the play food. Children can use these toys to set up their own pretend dinner parties or have fun acting out various roles while playing.

The set is packed in a net.

Dimensions: 310 255 90mm

What's in the box
1 x Tray
1 x Jug
2 x Pot with lid
2 x Salt Shakers
4 x Cups
4 x Spoons
4 x Knives
4 x Forks
4 x Saucers

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