Polesie Deluxe Cleaning Trolley Playset

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Kids Role Play Cleaning Trolley with Accessories

The Cleaning Trolley encourages children to learn about household chores and responsibilities while having fun through play. It fosters imaginative and creative skills as kids take on the roles of little cleaners and engage in role-play scenarios.

This type of playset also promotes the development of fine motor skills, as children use their hands to handle cleaning tools and perform various cleaning movements. Additionally, it allows kids to learn about cleaning routines and responsibilities, promoting a sense of pride in keeping their environment tidy and organized.

Toy Cleaning Cart or Trolley: A miniature cart or trolley that kids can push around, carrying their cleaning tools and supplies.

Toy Broom and Dustpan: Child-sized broom and dustpan for sweeping up imaginary dirt and dust.

Play Mop and Bucket: A pretend mop and bucket for kids to "clean" the floors.

Spray Bottle: A pretend spray bottle for "cleaning" surfaces with pretend water.

Pretend Cleaning Solutions: Play bottles or containers with labels resembling cleaning solutions for "tidying up."

Mini Trash Can and Trash: A small toy trash can with tiny pieces of play trash for children to dispose of.

Organizational Accessories: Some playsets include toy storage containers or bins to organize toys or cleaning supplies.

Dimensions: 480 380 385mm

What's in the box
1 x Cleaning push toy trolley with Holders and Built-in Bin
1 x Broom
1 x Mop
1 x Bucket
1 x Dustpan
1 x Spray Bottle
1 x Dishwasher
1 x Bin
1 x Bag

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