Fraction Tiles Set (51 Piece)

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Allows students to order fractions with different denominators and to find equivalents. This fraction set includes 51 pieces. It is an excellent resource to let students practice with fractions and let them find out that is the same as two pieces of. Let them try to find all equivalents! Fractions can be compared side by side in the plastic tray or by laying the tiles on top of one another. Students can practice with addition and subtraction of fractions. What is 1 whole – 1/5? Or what is 3/4 + 1/8? Can they figure it out?

The next step is multiplication and division. The fraction colour board makes it possible for students to visualize the concept. This makes it easier to understand the concept and will help them solve more complex operations. It will create a hands-on learning experience for students, which will help them reinforce understanding of the concept. The colourful design will appeal to all students! The set includes the following pieces and fractions: 1 whole (1 piece) 1/2 (2 pieces) 1/3 (3 pieces) 1/4 (4 pieces) 1/5 (5 pieces) 1/6 (6 pieces) 1/8 (8 pieces) 1/10 (10 pieces) 1/12 (12 pieces) The set consists of 51 pieces in total.

Each fraction line is colour coded, to easily identify the different fractions. This will help them find equivalents more easily. One way to easily find equivalents is to keep all pieces in the tray and place a ruler vertically on top of the pieces. If the edge of the piece is in line with the ruler, you can find out which other pieces line up with the ruler, simply by following the ruler down to the bottom of the tray. You will find that the edge of 1/2 is in line with the edge of 2 x 1/4 and 3 x 1/6, etc. Students have found the equivalents of 1/2! Easy as that! Ages 6+ years

What's in the box
51 x Fraction Tiles in Different Colours

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