Family And Friends - Finger Puppet Set - 10 Piece

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These 10 finger puppets are ideal for bringing new life to a story telling.
The tallest finger puppet measures 11cm high. Each puppet has velcro on the back, so it can be used on a felt board. Suitable for children ages 3+ years.
These puppets are excellent for exploring different cultures through story telling and role play. Use these puppets as provocations to discuss language, culture, food, beliefs and daily life around the world, nationally and also in the local community. These fun, and beautiful puppets help children to understand families, people and the world around them. These resources aid in the promotion of understanding and acceptance of different cultures, beliefs, languages, families, appearances and lifestyles. As children gain an understanding of their community, they also gain an understanding of themselves. This develops confidence and a sense of identity.

What's in the box
10 x Finger Puppet Chararcters

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