Edu-Toys - Solar Energy Science and Technology Kit

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A kit with 31 experiments to approach the topic of solar energy by learning to use it for activities from simpler to more complex: heating an oven, turning a carousel, cooking an egg, feeding an electric motor and much more. Contents: reflective parabola, mirror, test tube holder, test tube, magnifying glass, colored filters, plastic rings, plastic sticks, propeller, electric motor, thermometer, wire, elastics, sample stops, engine mount, cooker stand , test tube holder, solar cell holder, cut sheets (circles, birds, plane) solar cell and connector.

What's in the box
1 x Parabolic reflector
1 x Mirror
1 x Test tube holder
1 x Test tube
1 x Magnifying glass
4 x Coloured filters
4 x Plastic ring
2 x Plastic sticks
1 x Propeller
1 x Electric motor
1 x Thermometer
1 x Thread
3 x Rubber bands
6 x Paper fasteners
1 x Motor support
1 x fFrnace support 1
1 x Test tube support
1 x Solar cell support
1 x Cut-out sheet
1 x Solar cell
1 x Connecting wire
1 x Instruction manual

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