Decodables Series 1, 6 Sets of 5, 5-10, 1 x 8 Titles

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Stage One of Sunshine Phonics Decodables features:

  • Decodable vocabulary with some high-frequency words and a few tricky words
  • Enjoyable stories (with another 120 coming in Stages Two and Three!)
  • Systematic progression for learning the sounds (phonemes) and the letters that represent them (graphemes)
  • Introduction of 23 phonemes of English
  • Introduction of all consonants and short vowels with a focus on VC and CVC words
  • Full-colour illustrations to support meaning
  • Recurring characters from the same African family along with their pets and friends
  • The familiarity of culturally relevant characters and real-life situations
  • Each 32-page book contains two stories

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