Creatives Numbers 1-100 Activity Pack

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Floor Puzzle (Large durable and child-safe pieces)
Step 1 - Each puzzle piece is colour-coded. All the numbers with the same coloured designs form one line. Separate all the pieces with the same coloured design and put them into ten different piles in front of the child. Shuffle the pieces of every set one by one and ask the child to assemble them starting from " 1"
Step 2- Now shuffle all the 100 pieces and place them in front of your child. Let the child sort and assemble the puzzle from 1 to 100 independently.
Step 3- Once the child completes the puzzle, have him/her point and say all the numbers on the puzzle in sequence loudly.

Practice Worksheets. Practice Worksheets introduce a variety of activities like Missing Numbers, What comes Before, What comes After, Counting by 2's, 3's, 5's, Sequencing, Writing, etc. Children would
would love to
complete the activities and have lots of fun.

Packaged Dimensions:5 x 32 x 24CM


What's in the box
  • What's in the Box:
  • 100 Piece self-correcting Floor Puzzle
  • 10 Practice Worksheets with answers

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